Spring and Summer Workshops

When the snow melts, we can start our Raku and Smoke Firing workshops, which we organize in my studio in Slemmestad, Asker, in the Old Cement Factory Laboratory.

Raku Workshop:

Workshops include all materials. We will be working with with diferents techniques and glazes like Copper Matte, Naked Raku, Horse hair and Feathers with Iron chloride, Aluminium Foil Saggars…
The number of pots an attendee can fire, depends on workshop attendance, and available kiln space.

Smoke Firing Workshop:

Workshops for Smoke Firing include the loading & pot placement process, firing the barrel, unloading & post fire pot treatment.

We start treating the ware to be fired, with some soluble salts like Iron and Copper Sulfates, wrapping with Copper Wire and Steel Wool.

We will experiment loading the barrel with different organic materials like sawdust, seaweed, grass, leaves, straw.
We start then a fire on top and when everything is firing well, the barrel is covered and left to burn out.

The number of pots an attendee can fire depends on workshop attendance, and available barrel space.

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