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About My Studio

My studio is situated in Vollen, a beautiful place, beside the Fjord of Oslo. Vollen Handelssted it’s a 143 year old trade center, with white painted wood buildings, today full of life with cafes, restaurants, galleries and studios.

“KeramikkHjørnet” is a working studio where I also teach classes and organize workshops with focus in alternative firings techniques.

Explore My Ceramic Courses !

I hold regular classes throughout the year for students of all levels with an enthusiasm for ceramics and a desire to develop and practice their skills. The classes are small so I am able to offer full support and access to my studio facilities.


Spring & Summer Workshops

When the snow melts, we can start our Raku and Smoke Firing workshops, which we organize in my studio in Slemmestad, Asker, in the Old Cement Factory Laboratory.


clay crafting


The Studio Pottery Exhibitions are dedicated to showcasing my best works and also sometimes in some exhibitions I feature works from a select group of highly trained and talented local potters, each with a distinctive style and specialty.

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