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Slemmestadveien 432
1390 Vollen - Norway
450 46 740
Slemmestadveien 4321390 Vollen - Norway450 46 740

Smoke Firing

The sawdust firing takes place in a kiln made from loosely laid bricks, leaving small gaps for air.

The pots are packed in wood shavings, having been filled with sawdust and shavings themselves, in layers, until the kiln is full.

A fire is lit on top of the shavings and when everything is firing well, the kiln is covered and left to burn out.

This can take anything from twelve hours to three days, depending on a number of factors.

As the sawdust and wood shavings smoulder the smoke and fumes burn permanently into the clay surface. smoke-1

The colours which result are quite unpredictable being influenced by the type of sawdust used, the density of the packing, and the location of the pots within the kiln.

Even the weather seems to be a major factor. Still, humid days produce a darker, more subtle range of browns and blacks while dry, breezy days produce a more dramatic range of colours, from oranges to black.