Slemmestadveien 432
1390 Vollen - Norway
450 46 740
Slemmestadveien 4321390 Vollen - Norway450 46 740
about me

The place where I was born

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1956. Studied in the Instituto de Ceramologia Condorhuasi in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived in Brazil 15 years where I had my ceramic studio and worked as ceramic teacher in the local schools.

In 1996 I moved to Norway and looking for a place to start my ceramic studio I found it in Vollen. Vollen Handelssted is a beautiful place, beside the Fjord of Oslo with cafes, restaurants, galleries and studios.

My passion

The use of clay, the colors and the use of alternative firings inspires me the same way it has inspired the old cultures all over the world. During the last years I mainly work with Raku and Smoke Firing where the inpredictable happens.

I look upon it as a never ending research in what is possible within limits. You are close to the 4 elements, earth, wind, fire and water, and all this elements are your co-creators.

Member of NK Norwegian Arts & Crafts Association since 2010.
Member of Baerum Arts & Crafts Association - Bærum Kunsthåndverk.
Member of Kongensgate Arts & Crafts Association - Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate.